Hyper Epic Documentary Storytelling is Lyangelo Vasquez’s award-winning creative practice specialized in telling stories in various shapes and sizes, digital and physical, interactive and linear. 

Lyangelo (1980) himself is a Curaçaoan documentary maker and researcher with a degree in history from Leiden University. He has long worked in the Netherlands before moving back to Curaçao in recent years. While currently based in the Caribbean, he still also operates a studio space in the NDSM-Loods in Amsterdam.

In a past life Lyangelo was a musician in the band Avant La Lettre. Nowadays, besides his professional practice, he has fun with photography and DJ-ing, as well as with his passion for rock climbing.

Clients & Collaborations
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Comité Herdenking Februaristaking
  • NTR
  • VPRO
  • de Volkskrant
  • Stichting Kinetisch Noord (NDSM)
  • Remy Martin
  • Discovery Channel
  • Random Studio
  • New Amsterdam Film Company
  • Kaliber Film

“We get away with loot from the most beautiful, the most scary, or the most spectacular places that you can ever find. That’s what we are. We are thieves.”

— Werner Herzog on documentary making

Get in touch

NDSM Plein 97, 1033 WC, Amsterdam

Brievengat, Willemstad