This is Hyper Epic, a creative storytelling studio. I’m the studio’s founder, Lyangelo Vasquez. 

I believe that good stories reveal the sweet spot where dreams and reality overlap, where past, present and future meet. Hyper Epic is interested in telling those (and maybe your) stories in the 21st century. That’s why Hyper Epic develops and designs documentary concepts that vary greatly in shape and size, and why it aims to maintain a truly multidisciplinary practice.  

We work in holocratic, project-based teams, coming together through a network of likeminded creatives in Amsterdam and beyond. 

Hyper Epic has partnered with cultural institutions like VPRO, NTR and Rijksmuseum and with studios like Random Studio and New Amsterdam.

Check out some Hyper Epic projects in the links below. Or reach out.


director and historian
+31 6 2490 5797

Big Village — Interactive Documentary

Recreating a time and place that only exists in the memories of the people who lived in a former peshmerga village called Gewredê. Using an illustrated, virtual space as its theatre, Big Village explores the stories of this Iranian Kurdish community, now living in diaspora around the world. Scheduled for release in the spring of 2020.

Development: Beri Shalmashi, Lyangelo Vasquez (Hyper Epic), Harm van de Ven and Kaliber Film.


Reality is Hardcore — Promotional gift

Reality doesn’t compromise. It’s ugly, beautiful, intensely boring. It will give you all the love you need, then kick you in the gut and lay you flat out on your back.

It’s the targeted advertising that knows where to find you. The stories that make you laugh and cry. It’s the abominable and the sublime, often at the same time.

Reality is hardcore. And to remind you of that, we made this tea towel.

Design: Judith van der Velden


Goede Hoop — Transmedia Content Campaign

A journey in seven weeks, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, from past to present. Goede Hoop could be followed in different parallel running series, uniquely catered for different platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TV.

Development: Lyangelo Vasquez (Hyper Epic), Judith van der Velden, Mark Prendergast, Hugo Dechesne, Desiré van den Berg and NTR.


Advanced Dutch — Official Merchandise

In the fall of 2018 a viral tweet capturing the most advanced use of the dutch language completely broke the internet (…the Dutch one at least). Notorious in its accuracy, the tweet was a true feast of recognition for Dutchies worldwide. Now the people behind the tweet are taking it one step further. Presenting ‘Advanced Dutch’, the official viral tweet merchandise.

More projects

• Ondersteboven — Interactive Video Museum (2016)

• 14-18: Nederlandse Oorlogsverhalen — Interactive Longread (2014)
dutchwarstories archived

• 80 Jaar Oorlog — Interactive Event Map (2018)

• Andere Tijden — Website (2016)

• De Gouden Eeuw — Historical News Site (2012)

• De IJzeren Eeuw — Historical Webzine (2015)