Hyper Epic Bio v2.4

Welcome the webpage for Hyper Epic, an award winning documentary storytelling studio. My name is Lyangelo Vasquez. I’m a historian, director and the man behind the studio — though I hardly ever work alone. 

Hyper Epic is based in Amsterdam and Curaçao. We create documentary content that can take shape as videos, multimedia interactives or physical objects. Our approach varies from project to project, depending on concept and audience. Whatever the form, a narrative approach is always key. 

I myself have worked as a researcher, copywriter, designer, musician and director. While on projects, I might work in any one of these roles. Usually though, I prefer working in teams with people who are better than me in these fields. 

We have created content with Dutch cultural institutions like VPRO, NTR, de Volkskrant, Beeld en Geluid and Rijksmuseum and for brands like DEGIRO and Remy Martin. We have also frequently collaborated with creative studios like Random Studio and New Amsterdam.

Have a look at the projects in the showcase to get a feel for the content we create. And reach out!

Project showcase

Big Village (Interactive documentary)

Recreating a time and place that only exists in the memories of the people who lived in a former peshmerga village called Gewredê. Using an illustrated, virtual space as its theatre, Big Village explores the stories of this Iranian Kurdish community, now living in diaspora around the world. Big Village was released in 2020 with de Volkskrant. It was part of the official selection of Nederlands Film Festival and won the Zilveren Camera Prijs voor Storytelling.

Development: Beri Shalmashi, Lyangelo Vasquez (Hyper Epic), Harm van de Ven and Kaliber Film.


Goede Hoop (Transmedia Content Campaign)

A journey in seven weeks, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, from past to present. Goede Hoop could be followed in different parallel running series, uniquely catered for different platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TV.

Development: Lyangelo Vasquez (Hyper Epic), Judith van der Velden, Mark Prendergast, Hugo Dechesne, Desiré van den Berg and NTR.


Bahamas 97 (Creative Space)

The Bahamas Lounge 97 is a shared creative workspace slash island archipelago at the NDSM in Amsterdam. The lounge is run by Marta Veludo Studio and Hyper Epic.

Advanced Dutch (Merchandise)

In the fall of 2018 a viral tweet capturing the most advanced use of the dutch language completely broke the internet (…the Dutch one at least). Notorious in its accuracy, the tweet was a true feast of recognition for Dutchies worldwide. Now the people behind the tweet are taking it one step further. Presenting ‘Advanced Dutch’, the official viral tweet merchandise.

Reality is Hardcore (Object)

Reality doesn’t compromise. It’s ugly, beautiful, intensely boring. It will give you all the love you need, then kick you in the gut and lay you flat out on your back.

It’s the targeted advertising that knows where to find you. The stories that make you laugh and cry. It’s the abominable and the sublime, often at the same time.

Reality is hardcore. And to remind you of that, we made this tea towel.

Design: Judith van der Velden

More projects

• Ondersteboven (Interactive Video Museum, 2016)

• 14-18: Nederlandse Oorlogsverhalen (Interactive Longread, 2014)
dutchwarstories archived

• 80 Jaar Oorlog (Interactive Event Map, 2018)

• Andere Tijden (Website, 2016)

• De Gouden Eeuw (Historical News Site, 2012)

• De IJzeren Eeuw (Historical Webzine, 2015)