Baseball Island

Documentary Film (in development)

Per capita, the small island nation of Curaçao produces more professional Major League baseball players than any other country in the world. But every year only a select few young players see their dreams come true and get scouted as next big Curaçaon talents. In the course of a season, the youngsters of ‘Pabao Little League’ work their way from the sandy fields on Curaçao, to the yearly international World Series in the United States. Will any of them step up to the plate and become the next protagonist in the coming of age story of this young nation?

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This documentary film is being developed with New Amsterdam Film Company, NTR and the support of Netherlands Film Fund. Researched and directed by Lyangelo Vasquez.

Release 2026
Client n/a
New Amsterdam Film Company & Netherlands Film Fund
Distribution Cinema (The Searchers) / TV (NTR)