Just A Moment


“What you’re experiencing as ‘the moment’ now, actually happened 80 milliseconds in the past. That’s how long it takes for your brain to receive and process the information about this moment. It means that we’re all always living in the past.”

— Someone, sometime

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Just A Moment explores the subject of time and hopefully helps you slow down and capture a moment that can be relived at some point in the future.

This booklet was published as part of Un Sedicesimo, a bi-monthly publication by Italian publisher Corraini Edizioni. Each issue has a different author, whose job is to create a sixteen-pages-long project. For this issue, visual adventurer Sue Doeksen teamed up with graphic designer Iris van Robays and storyteller Lyangelo Vasquez, to explore the fascinating phenomenon of time.

Release 2016
Client Corraini Edizioni
Partners Sue Doeksen
Distribution Corraini Edizioni (print)
Link Un Sedicesimo 42